December 11, 2022 1:00pm EST

FITCO is the physical skills and abilities test for the Correctional Officer Applicants in Ontario, The test is a controlled simulation of the occupational requirements for corrections officers in Ontario.

Prior to completing, applicants must undergo a medical screening process which includes pre-exercise clearance and informed consent.

Physical screening assesses skills in three areas: 1) a cell search (2 minutes or less), 2) the Emergency Response Circuit (2:08 or less) and 3) the Aerobic Shuttle Run (level 4.5). Successful completion of all three (3) assessments will provide a 'Certificate of Results' necessary to continue in the hiring process with the Ministry of Correctional Services in Ontario.


Please make sure you are available and ready to be tested on the date & time you are selecting .

You are choosing your testing date and will not be reimbursed once you have registered.

Testing location

 La Cité collégiale - 911 Institute , 801 Aviation Parkway, Building 'A', Rooms A-0340 and A-0350 Ottawa, Ontario K1K 5R3.