February 1, 2024 8:00am to January 9, 2025 8:11pm EST

Announcement: Introducing the Symbolic 1 Cent Fee for 'Raw Talk' Podcast and Volunteerism Program

Dear Valued Supporters,

We are excited to announce a unique aspect of our upcoming 'Raw Talk' podcast, which embodies our commitment to community, support, and meaningful engagement.

A Symbolic Gesture: For 'Raw Talk', we're introducing a symbolic fee of just 1 cent. This nominal amount represents not a financial burden, but a token of commitment and support from our audience.

Why One Cent?: The one cent fee is a nod to our foundational values of creating a volunteerism program that supports community and family values.

Beyond Monetary Value: This initiative is about fostering a community that values dedication and perseverance. It's a small yet significant way for listeners to show their support for 'Raw Talk' and its mission to provide a voice for various community events and discussions.

Join Us in This Journey: By contributing this penny, you are joining a community that stands for more than just financial transactions. You are part of a movement that values commitment, support, and the power of a united community.

We invite you to be a part of this unique journey with us. Let's make 'Raw Talk' a platform that goes beyond the ordinary, driven by our collective passion and commitment.

Warm regards,

Paul St-Onge

Raw Fit & Wellness and the  Raw Talk Podcast are subsidiary programs of Police Fit Canada.

35 Long Sault Drive, Long Sault, Ontario

Thank you for your support,


Paul St-Onge


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