PREP Testing - Ottawa, Ontario

PREP Testing - Ottawa, Ontario

August 24, 2024 from 8:00am to 4:00pm EDT
La Cité 911 Institute - 801 Aviation Boulevard, Ottawa, Ontario. Building "A" room A-0350. Please enter at security doors next to the "large" LA CITÉ sign in the round about where the flags are located.

The PREP helps to ensure that a candidate has the physical abilities to take on the duties of a police officer. The PREP consists of a health-related questionnaire and a two-part physical skills and abilities test (Pursuit Restraint and Aerobic Shuttle Run). You must pass the screening criteria on the health questionnaire to proceed to the PREP physical abilities tests.

Participants over 45 years of age  and/or answer  'Yes' to one of  7 questions on the PAR-Q & You + form must complete the PARmed-X form with their family physician before being given the opportunity to do the PREP Test.

Components of the PREP

Pursuit Restraint Circuit: This requires you to complete, as quickly as possible, a 25 meter circuit four times (total distance=100 metres) while wearing a (4 Kg / 9 lbs) soft weight belt and a (4 kg / 9 lbs) weighted vest. Total weight with belt and vest (8kg / 18lbs)

You will be asked to climb a set of stairs during each rotation and pass under a 24 ìnch barrier. You will also need to scale a 1.2 metre fence in the second and fourth rotation (2 sets of two rotations). After completing the first two rotations of the circuit, you will be asked to push and pull (35.5kg/ 78 lb) on the "body control" simulator arcs of the pull/push component. You will perform one (1) "arm restraint" simulations. You will then be required to complete your second set of two rotations of the circuit, push/pull, arm restraint followed by the drag a (77 kg /170 lb) Victim drag for a distance of 15 metres.

The MEETS STANDARD, for the circuit portion of the PREP, is 157 seconds or 2 minutes and 37 seconds.
LEGER Aerobic 20 Meter Shuttle Run: You will be required to run back and forth over a 20 meter course in time with recorded beep signals. The timed beeps of the 20 metre course is shortened progressively until you reach the PREP completion level of seven (7.0).

Both, the Pursuit Restraint Circuit and Aerobic Shuttle run, must be completed within the standards to pass.
(Pursuit Restraint Circuit in 157 seconds or less and have completed level (7) seven on the Aerobic Shuttle Run)


Due to the nature of our service we rely on the number of registrations for staffing, booking of facilities and operations.

You are choosing a spot for a testing that has a limited number of spaces. You will NOT be reimbursed once registered.

Please only book when you are positive you will be available on the date and at the time that YOU are selecting.

We wish you much success.

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Testing Location:
La Cité collégiale
911 Institute
801 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4R3
"A" Building room-A-0350 (Lower level below the Subway)  Enter @ Security Doors next to the large LA CITÉ sign by flags.


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