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The following is a compilation of commonly asked questions:


Unfortunately not.  In order to monitor registrations Police Fit Canada only accepts registrations on-line by credit card.  A confirmation receipt will be sent to the email you provide when registering.  Please note that all transactions will appear as a payment to Police Fit Canada.

A transaction email receipt will be sent.  Your transaction email receipt is your confirmation that you are registered.



You may forward an Etransfer from your bank in the amount of $89.27 ($79.00 + hst) to

Please indicate in the message box of your Etransfer which Testing you are registering for (PARE, PREP, FITCO) testing location, testing date and testing time. Your selected testing must appear available on our website @ the time of registration.  If testing indicates "Unavailable" you will not be added to that session.

Please note this is only a secondary method of payment only available if you are having issues in processing your transaction using PayPal


Thank you



Thank you

We encourage you to consider taking our PARE, FITCO or PREP workshop to help you reach your goal and to be better prepared prior to testing.  We have evaluated and trained several thousand applicants. 

The protocols of the physical ability tests involve abilities and require a clear understanding of the evaluation. When you attend a workshop we can help you learn the test protocols and save valuable seconds from your time. A workshop is also an excellent opportunity to evaluate your abilities prior to testing and improve training for success.

Studies show that attending a workshop increases your success rate by over 30%.




Please make sure you are entering the correct information.


  1. Credit card number

  2. Credit card CVV (the 3 or 4 digit number at the back of your credit card)

  3. Credit card holder's name

  4. The expiry date on your card.  The month, full year.  (ie, 08/2012)

Please note that we cannot process combined Debit and Credit Cards.  We can process Visa and MasterCard

If you are still having problems please contact us by email:



You may forward an Etransfer from your bank in the amount of $89.27 ($79.00 + hst) to

Please indicate in the message box of your Etransfer which Testing you are registering for (PARE, PREP, FITCO) testing location, testing date and testing time. Your selected testing must appear available on our website @ the time of registration.  If testing indicates "Unavailable" you will not be added to that session.

Please note this is only a secondary method of payment only available if you are having issues in processing your transaction with your credit card.


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We are VERY excited to introduce a GPT that can provide training support, programs and answer questions regarding preparing to be Fit to Serve.  Our new GPT is called Policing Pathway Assistant.  We will continue to increase its capabilities into an excellent resource for applicants and stakeholders .   The Policing Pathway Assistant is your go-to guide for navigating the journey to becoming a law enforcement officer. It offers comprehensive support for police and para-police agency applications, providing detailed information about the application process, fitness requirements, and career insights. With a focus on accessibility and user anonymity, this tool ensures equal assistance to all candidates without the need for an account. Whether you're preparing for physical readiness tests or updating your employment status, the Policing Pathway Assistant equips you with the latest data and resources to enhance your candidacy and propel you towards a successful policing career. Join the ranks of informed applicants with this expert assistant at your side!


The testing and workshops are held in the new 911 Institute at La Cité, 801 Aviation Parkway, PARE-PREP, FITCO, CPAT Rooms A-0340 and A-0350 Ottawa, Ontario K1K 5R3.

Testing areas A-0340 & A-0350 are located in the lower level of the 911 Institute in "A" building at the La Cité college, Ottawa campus.[untitled]


A maximum of 12 people are permitted in the testing area at a time. This includes Assessors/Proctors & Candidates.  Testing groups are set-up for 2-10 candidates per 2 hour session.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only candidates registered for testing will be allowed in the testing areas/facilities.  Friends/Family are not permitted to accompany you into the testing areas.


Please note that we do not send out additional emails or reminders regarding your testing.

Since you chose your physical test, date, time & location, Police Fit Canada does not assume the responsibility to remind you of when you are to attend for testing. You will receive a receipt confirming your transaction and payment.

Please make sure to note your date, time & location at the time YOU are registering.

Due to the large volume of emails we try our best to respond in a timely manner.  However, requesting a further confirmation of testing date and time will not be answered. The selection remains your responsibility to assume, note and attend based on YOUR selection.

Failing to attend testing on the date YOU selected will result in your needing to pay for another test.  Police Fit Canada does not assume the responsibility of your failure to note your testing date, time and location.

For additional information please read our Q & A section on our website.  

Thank you,

The Police Fit Canada Team 


As per NEW HIRING and PREP Testing guidelines.

ALL CANDIDATES ARE TO DO PREP TESTING to satisfy stage 2 of the OPS hiring process.

In order to provide a safe & friendly environment we are testing by providing small group sessions.  We encourage you to be proactive in booking your testing date.   

NOTE: OPS will be announcing soon that the PREP Certificate of Results will be necessary at Stage 2.  (Fall 2022)

As per the OPS website:

Stage 2.  Fitness Assessment

Sworn New Recruits

A valid Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP) certificate is required to progress in the selection process. Once an applicant is screened in, they will have 90 days to provide proof of a successful PREP test. Information regarding the PREP can be found on

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the PREP prior to submitting your application to increase your chance of success.

Applicants that have a valid PREP test certificate may submit it at the time of application.  PREP certificates are only valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

If hired, candidates will have one successful PREP certification reimbursed.

*Please note: Fitness is a very important requirement of being able to perform the duties of a police officer.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their fitness level is at the standard throughout the process and failing to do so may result in delays or disqualification from the process.


Police Fit Canada provides PIN and the 20 Meter Shuttle Run assessments at the Cornwall Civic Complex located at 100 Water Street East, Cornwall, Ontario.  K6H 6G4

We will post signage at the main doors indicating which area/salon, within the Civic Complex, is being used for testing.

The following link provides the audio recording for the Leger 20 Meter Shuttle Run.   Please note that this is the official recording used for all testing.

Compliments of the OPP.



Aerobic Shuttle Run

The Aerobic Fitness Test of the PREP requires the completion of th 20-metre Shuttle Run, which is designed to evaluate aerobic fitness and work capability during physically demanding policing tasks as well as everyday policing activities.

In this test, you run back and forth between two marked lines over a 20-metre course in time with taped audio signals. The time permitted at the beginning of the test to cover the 20-metre distance requires a slow jog. Thereafter, for each 20-metres, the time between audio signals lessens, requiring that you pick up your running pace. The audio signal informs you of the “stage” you are at as the test progresses.

In each leg of the shuttle run, warning lines, placed 2 metres before each of the 20-metre end lines, must be reached before the permitted time elapses and the audio signal sounds.

An examiner will caution you if you fail to cross a warning line in time. The test ends when you miss two consecutive warning lines.

To successfully complete the minimum requirement of the aerobic fitness test you must achieve Stage 7.0 in the 20-metre Shuttle Run.  

Level seven (7) is the standard for the PREP

Level four and a half (4.5) is the standard for the FITCO

Special Constable Applicants with the Cornwall Police Service (CPS) will have their level recorded (Level 1 to 7) on the Certificate of Results.

An acceptable score on the Aerobic Shuttle Run component requires approximately the same level of fitness as running 2.4 km (1.5 miles) in 11.5 minutes for a level 7.

Strategy for the Shuttle Run

While performing the shuttle run it is important to pace yourself at the beginning. The early stages of the test can be completed with a quick walk. It is best to pace yourself so that as you reach the opposite side, you can immediately turn around and return the other way. As the pace of the tones increases, increase the pace of your run. This will give your muscles a chance to warm-up. It is a mistake to sprint in the early stages of the test and wait for the return signal.  By practicing the Shuttle Run we encourage you to pace yourself to arrive at the 20m line at the sound of the audio signal.

Shuttle Run 20 Meter  MP3 compliments of the OPP



I booked a test and can't make it or no longer need to do it... can I get my money refunded or change my date & time?

Unfortunately not. The number of participants is limited at each test, your commitment to attending may have prevented others from attending that session or having a priority status.

PLEASE note that due to limited numbers per session  you remain committed to your testing. An injury, not feeling "ready", a sickness or work schedule conflict, to name a few, remains your responsibility to assume. You will need to pay for another testing.  

Due to the nature of our service we rely on the number of registrations for staffing, booking of facilities and operations.

You are choosing a spot for a testing that has a limited number of spaces. You will NOT be reimbursed once registered.

 Please be sure of your availability and status prior to booking.

Your registration is a commitment that you will be attending what you have scheduled for testing. If you are not sure of being prepared, of your availability or your wanting to be tested then please do not book.

Due to the nature of testing Police Fit Canada reserves the right to stop a candidate from continuing the test if the administrator deems the candidate unprepared for testing. In this case, the candidate will not be reimbursed testing fees.

Please do not book multiple dates because you fear you will not pass. We do not refund if you reserve multiple test dates. Please remember that we adhere to strict protocols regarding the number of applicants being tested per session.

Thank you for your understanding & please stay safe

Police Fit Canada Team

Police Fit Canada continues to work closely with recruiters and several agencies to assure accurate information is being provided and that we are preparing successful applicants. (RCMP, OPP, OPS, PPS, CPS, UN, MP, CBSA, Correctional Services, Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General, Ottawa Fire Service... to name a few)

We will greet you at our testing facility.


First (1): We will verify your Medical Clearance (if you answered 'YES' to one of the 7 questions on the PAR-Q and You form or the PAR-Q+ form you must have a Medical Clearance form signed and stamped by a physician. A medical Clearance is  only required if you answer "Yes" to one of the 7 questions on the PAR-Q & You form and/or you are over 45 years of age. We will make a copy of your Medical Clearance (part 2 of form)and check your government issued picture ID.

Second (2): We will provide you two forms to sign (the PAR-Q and You form, the Liability Waiver and Informed Consent)

 See our  Forms-Formulaires section on our website to view these forms.  All forms will be provided upon your arrival for testing.  We will NOT email these forms to you prior to testing.

Participants over 45 years of age  and/or answer  'Yes' to one of  7 questions on the PAR-Q & You + form must complete the PARmed-X form with their family physician before being given the opportunity to do the 20 Meter Shuttle Run Test.

Third (3): We will take your blood pressure and heart rate. Blood pressure reading must be under 160/90Mh prior to testing.  A Medical Clearance is required if the blood pressure reading is higher then 160/90Mh.   (COVID-19 Protocols are in effect regarding Blood Pressure readings)

Fourth (4): We will explain the test and demonstrate the protocols of the test and how they are evaluated.

Fifth (5): You will have a warm-up period

Sixth (6): You will have an opportunity to practice the various components of the test until no further questions are asked and all guidelines have been given. (1 candidate at a time with disinfecting between each practice followed by testing immediately)

Seventh (7): Test will be administered! You will be given your time and results at the end of your performance.

We will provide you with the Certificate of Results for the test you completed.  You are encouraged to forward your results to your recruiter and agency.  We will forward your results, as per protocols, depending on the agency requirements and understandings.

NOTE* We strongly encourage all candidates to scan a copy of their results to their private email.   Doing so, will allow for a quick verification/confirmation if the need should arise at a later date.

We are pleased to offer workshops to facilitate testing.  On October 31st, 2015 the PREP had undergone several changes in Ontario.  Police Fit Canada's administrators are certified in the new protocols and offer workshops to help candidates better prepare for testing.  Recent studies indicate that candidates increase their chance of passing the PREP, by over 30%, when they attend a preparation workshop.

As of January 7, 2020 Police Fit Canada is now providing the PREP Testing for the Ottawa Police Service and other agencies.  Police Fit Canada is working closely with several  municipal police services, para-police, Ministries and  services in preparing candidates for their physical testing.  The OPP has chosen to use the PASS test rather then the PREP at this time for recruiting purposes.  Please note that the Ontario Police College continues to use the PREP as the minimum physical standard to graduate OPC.

Police Fit Canada offers two separate options for workshops;

1- Group workshops are scheduled regularly throughout the year; ($49 + HST per participant)

2- Additional free  workshops are available to candidates who have been identified by a sponsoring Police Service, Ministry of Corrections or other agency.  Sponsored workshops occur every 2-3 months throughout the year.

The clearance for PARE, PREP, PIN, 20 Meter Shuttle Run & FITCO Testing will be provided when you arrive at the testing facility;

-The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q+)

-The PARE, PREP, PIN, 20 Meter Shuttle Run & FITCO Informed Consent

-Questions relating to physical fitness and health in relation to testing or workshop

-Pre-test measures/information (i.e.: resting blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, age, gender) As per protocols regarding COVID-19

NOTE: A Medical Clearance is mandatory when you answer "YES" to any of the first 7 questions on your PAR-Q+ and YOU form and/or are 45 years of age or older.

In order to be eligible for testing you must bring the following:

  • Driver's licence or similar government issued photo ID.

  • Comfortable activity clothing.

  • Running shoes with clean soles that grip well. 

  • A copy of your paid transaction from Police Fit Canada

Please note that failure to bring your Medical Clearance if you answer "YES" to any of the first 7 questions on your PAR-Q form or failure to bring a valid  ID will result in you not being eligible for testing.

There are no refunds if you do not bring these documents.

* A valid Medical Clearance is mandatory for testing if you are deemed a risk for testing.  See under FORMS on the upper toolbar of the Police Fit Canada website for a copy of the PAR-Q+ and Informed Consent documents.

Participants over 45 years of age  and/or answer  'Yes' to one of  7 questions on the PAR-Q & You + form must complete the PARmed-X form with their family physician before being given the opportunity to do the 20 Meter Shuttle Run Test.

We respect that you may want to have someone with you for support but we focus all our attention on candidates.  It is for this reason that we keep our numbers small during  testing and workshops.  We do not have any public seating within the PARE, FITCO and PREP facilities.  

Protocols restrict anyone from accompanying a registered applicant into the La Cité-911 Institute testing facilities..

Our PARE, PREP,  and FITCO workshops cost $49.00 + hst.

We strive to provide all candidates the best opportunity to succeed the PARE,FITCO or  PREP by the applicant, the opportunity to experience the testing in a controlled environment.  Due to COVID-19 we are presently offering limited workshops.

The goal of the workshop is to help the applicant assess physical abilities.  An explanation of the protocols will be demonstrated.  Candidates will have the opportunity to practice various components of the test but will be limited to what the facilitator deems reasonable.

The workshop is a preparation tool that helps candidate determine areas of training requiring further improvement. 

It is at the discretion of the facilitator to limit the practice performance time on an individual basis.

Police Fit Canada reserves the right to limit the physical activity of a participant, at any time, during a workshop.

Additional Sponsored Workshops are provided and made available through various services/agencies.  Candidates will be made aware of the Sponsored Worshops by the agency/service.

The group workshops are approximately 1.5 hours.  We provide a complete breakdown of the testing and offer several important recommendations for passing and achieving your best time.

The Police Fit Canada facilitators have prepared and tested over 100 000 applicants for PARE, FITCO, POPAT and PREP testing. You will have a clear understanding of the police physical test, how to improve your time and how to better your training to achieve success.

Consider us part of your Team 


We apologize for the delay in responding.  We experience, at times, hundreds of emails  from various ministries, agencies, candidates and the public. 

Please review our Q & A on our website.  We have streamlined the answers so you will have the most updated information possible. 

We ask that you to visit our website for continuous updates.  As testing demands fluctuate we add dates and times for testing and workshops.

Due to the large volume of emails our Q & A section is our method of communicating with you.  Although we will try to respond to your email individually please note that we will rarely send personal emails to update you on the status of testing.  

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you & please stay safe,

Police Fit Canada

The Agency's Physical Abilities Standard test is a screening tool used to assess a person's ability to perform the physically demanding use of force training that is taught as part of the Officer Induction Training Program.

Candidates are required to complete the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) test during the CBSA officer trainee (developmental) selection process. This test is used by several law enforcement agencies and other government departments throughout Canada.

Candidates must complete the PARE test in 4:45 minutes or less. Meeting this standard is an operational requirement for recruits to be appointed to the CBSA officer trainee (developmental) position.

Candidates must provide proof of successful completion of the PARE at the interview. Failure to do so will result in the candidate's elimination from further consideration and will have to re-apply to the selection process.

When you test with Police Fit Canada you will receive a PARE CERTIFICATE of Results which will be signed, dated and stamped by your accredited Police Fit Canada PARE Administrator.

Test Facilitators will provide an encouraging, supportive and helpful workshop/testing environment.


Each PARE test is $79.00 (plus HST).  You will be provided a signed, dated and stamped  PARE CERTIFICATE of RESULTS once you have completed testing.

*It is the applicant's responsibility to keep and provide this form as/when needed in his/her recruiting process wih the agency/service requiring your PARE results.

Applicants will need to provide a valid PARE CERTIFICATE from an RCMP/CBSA approved PARE Center.  The La Cité, 911 Institute is an approved PARE Center and Police Fit Canada is an accredited PARE testing provider.

UPDATE: Since May 1st, 2016. RCMP applicants no longer are required to complete the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) during their application process.  Recruits are PARE tested within their first week of arriving at Depot in Regina, Saskatchewan.  The PARE fitness standard has  been shifted to the Depot Training Academy for the RCMP recruit. Failure to pass the PARE upon arrival at Depot will result with a recruit being returned back home.

A new RCMP physical standard is expected to be implemented in 2022 for all applicants.

Police Fit Canada is pleased to be a recognized PREP assessment agency for the Ottawa Police Service.  Upon completion of your PREP Test you will receive a "Certificate of Results" indicating your results for your PREP administered by Police Fit Canada. 

You will be able to provide your OPS recruiter with a copy of your results to satisfy the PREP component of your application process. (Stage 3)

The PREP is a measure to assist recruiters in better supporting candidates throughout the hiring process with OPS.  

Recruits will be PREP tested at the Ontario Police College.  It is necessary to pass the PREP to graduate from OPC..





You must complete the following tasks prior to your test date.

- Bring government issued photo identification (e.g. drivers license, passport) 

*NOTE- No one can be tested without proper identification.   

- Bring your receipt for PREP Testing.  You will receive the receipt via email immediately after you've registered for testing.

- Bring appropriate attire for PREP Testing. (i.e. running shoes with a good grip, shorts/track pants, t-shirt, etc)

- Applicants 45 years of age and older must have a completed "Medical Referral Form" signed and stamped by a physician.

- Review the PAR-Q+ and You questionnaire.  If you answer "Yes" to any of the 7 questions you must provide a PREP "Medical Referral Form" signed and stambed by a physician.

- Blood pressure must be under 160/90 at screening prior to PREP Testing.  If blood pressure is over 160/90 candidates must have a "Medical Referal Form" completed by a physician and signed and stamped cleaing the candidate for PREP Testing.


Food or drink at least one hour prior to the PREP
Drinking caffeine beverages for two hours prior to the PREP
Consuming alcohol for six hours prior to the PREP
Exercising for six hours prior to the PREP

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to scheduled testing.
No one will be admitted after the session begins.  
Late arrivals are not accepted into the testing area and will lose their testing opportunity

NO refunds or credits once registered.  Due to the nature of our testing we rely on your attendance for staffing, facility rental and all other incurred costs.  Our testing is provided with limited spots available.  Therefore, please do not register for testing or workshops if you are not prepared to assume this responsibility.


Informed Consent & Release

PREP Medical Release form (Mandatory if you answer "Yes" to one of the 7 questions on the PAR-Q+ questionnaire  and/or you are 45 years of age or older)




Test Day Preparation

In preparation for taking part in the FITCO, please follow these instructions:

  • Complete the PAR-Q form, which identifies the presence of medical conditions that could pose a risk during exercise. If you are over 40 years of age AND not accustomed to the regular strenuous exercise of a correctional officer OR if you answer “yes” to any of the PAR-Q questions listed below, you must receive clearance from a physician using the PARmed-X form before taking part in the FITCO. Take the FITCO Participant Consent and Release form to the physician along with the PARmed-X form so that the physician is aware of what you will be doing when performing the FITCO. Note: If untruthful or misleading answers are given, the applicant may be found unsuitable for employment, or if accepted for employment, could be subsequently dismissed.

The PAR-Q:

  1. Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?
  2. Do you feel pain in your chest when you do physical activity?
  3. In the past month, have you had chest pain when you were not doing any physical activity?
  4. Do you loose you balance because of dizziness or do you ever loose consciousness?
  5. Do you have a bone or joint problem (for example, back, knee or hip) that could be made worse by a change in your physical condition?
  6. Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs (for example, water pills) for a blood pressure or heart condition?
  7. Do you know of any other reason why you should not do physical activity?


  • Applicants who possess two or more of the following major coronary risk factors should receive medical clearance (using the PARmed-X form) before participating in the FITCO;
  1. A family history of myocardial infarction or sudden death before 55 years of age;
  2. Currently smoke cigarettes;
  3. Have high blood pressure;
  4. Have diabetes mellitus;
  5. Have high blood cholesterol;
  6. Are in a sedentary occupation and are physically inactive;
  • Complete the Informed Consent and release document, which provides information about the FITCOtest and any risks associated with participation.
  • In preparation for testing, be aware of the following:
  1. Exercise Attire: Wear running shoes and exercise clothing. Hats cannot be worn during the testing as they can interfere with candidates’ performance if they fall off.
  2. Smoking: Do not smoke for two hours prior to the test.
  3. Food & Beverages: Do not eat for at least two hours prior to the test and refrain from drinking caffeine or alcoholic beverages prior to the test.
  4. Exercise: Do not exercise vigorously in the 24 hours prior to the test.
  5. Arrive at the test site at least 30 minutes prior to your test appointment time to allow your blood pressure to normalize. Bring your completed PAR-Q (and if required - the completed PARmed-X) and Informed Consent forms with you.


Bring government issued Photo ID (ie. driver's license, passport)




Applicants will need to provide a valid PARE CERTIFICATE from an RCMP approved PARE Center.

The La Cité, 911 Institute located at 801 Aviation Parkway in Ottawa, ON is an approved PARE Testing Center.   Police Fit Canada is certified and accredited to provide PARE CERTIFICATES to meet all protocols and requirements to commence and satisfy the application process for all municipal, provincial and federal agencies requiring the PARE as their physical standard.

Immediately after testing, you will be provided a PARE CERTIFICATE of RESULTS form that will be completed, signed, stamped and dated by the PARE Administrator from Police Fit Canada.

* It is the applicant's responsibility to keep and provide the PARE CERTIFICATE of RESULTS form as/when needed in his/her recruiting process.


You will be provided a PREP Certificate of Results immediately after Testing.  It is your responsibility to provide a copy to your OPS recruiter  or to other agencies.


You will receive a Certificate immediately following your Testing and your results will be forwarded to the Ministry as per protocols.

There are several parking areas.  The best location is in the visitors parking area to the right of the second stop sign when entering from the 801 Aviation Parkway entrance.  We suggest that you bring change ($) with you.  The 911 Institute is the large glass 3 storey building to the left of the flags poles  "A" building.

Address:  La Cité, 801 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa, ON  K1K 4R3.  The PARE, POPAT, FITCO and PREP testing/workshop areas are located in the 911 Institute in room A-0340. In the lower level of "A" building.

Due to COVID-19 parking is presently FREE on campus. 

Please note that Police Fit Canada does not assume responsibility for failing to respect no parking signs or your parking in areas designated as no parking.



Corrections Centre for Advancement & Training (CCPAT)

467 Beach Boulevard

Hamilton, Ontario L8H 6W8

Enter at front doors for screening

Testing will be held in the GYMNASIUM



Please make sure you are available and ready on the date you are registering. You are choosing your testing and/or workshop date and will not be reimbursed once you have registered. Due to the nature of our service we rely on the number of registrations for staffing, booking facilities and operations. Please only book when you are positive you will be available on the date YOU are selecting. Thank you.


Please adhere to the following guidelines:

2 hours before TESTING

  • Abstain from smoking for at least 2 hours.
  • Abstain from caffeine products for at least 2 hours.
  • Abstain from using short acting bronchodilators for at least 2 hours.  (Bring your short-acting bronchodilators with you in the event you will need it after the test.)

6 hours before TESTING:

  • Abstain from alcohol for at least 6 hours.

24 hours before TESTING:

  • Abstain from using any stimulants for at least 24 hours (i.e. products containing ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, ephedra).
  • Abstain from any vigorous exercise within 24 hours.

Expect to be at the venue for approximately 1.5 hours.   

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to testing.  

We must process your registration, verify your ID and follow strict COVID-19 Protocols prior to beginning testing and escorting you to the Testing Area (A-0340)

Please enter building "A" through the Security doors located at the South side of "A" building.